Melbourne Commercial photographer and designer.

Hi, I'm Carlz J Söda.

As Australians, we like to shorten things, and Carlz J Söda rolls off the tongue a lot easier than Carly Söderström.

Currently residing in Bayside, Melbourne I specialise in fashion, portraiture, hospitality and tourism, and personal branding photography. I am available for both national and international shoots.

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As an artist, my focus is to snap that fleeting moment where someone exists between their mask of reality and who they are on a soul level. 

I’ve always been a passionate creative and with a 17-year successful career in design and fashion, pursuing photography was the natural next step. 


Growing up in the town of Kobe, Japan my love of the beautiful country and Japanese pop culture and design often serves as my inspiration. As an avid traveller, it’s shaped my unique worldview and sharpened my capacity to harness the unexpected and showcase it in a way that’s both inspiring and storytelling. 

Photography has taken me around the world and connected me to a community of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs. Whilst Melbourne is my home, my assignments regularly see me travelling all over the world.